Here are just a few of the hundreds of great testimonials we have received from happy customers over the years.

Our firm recently used Adventure Dynamics as part of our annual firm retreat. The drills we performed helped the new hires and the regular employees get to know each other and fostered a complete theme of teamwork. My employees later talked highly of the excersize and we plan to use Adventure Dynamics as part of our team building work in the future.
— Greg Stewart
Stewart & Associates PS
Certified Public Accounting

Dear Will,

I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the time that you have spent doing team building activities with my staff. Without fail, after your great leadership and team building activities, I have found my staff to be energized and focused. My team is more attentive and responsive to the remainder of our meeting.

I overheard one staff member make this comment today, “When I came here, I was stressed out and up tight about things that have been happening in my life. Will’s activities were just what I needed. We were outside in the fresh air; we were interacting and working together as a team to solve a situation, and having fun in the process. Now I feel totally relaxed and happy and ready to face those obstacles head on.”

Thank you, Will, for making a difference in my team.

— Lori Divis
General Manager
Holiday Inn Express On the Rock
Spokane, WA

In regards to the Adventure Dynamics ropes course:

First, Will was outstanding! His engagement level, patience, and willingness to hear our feedback throughout the day made my experience as a participant very enjoyable.

I really liked the ice breaker exercises at the beginning of the day. Warming us up to the idea and methodology behind working together as a team was a great start. The course itself was excellent, well maintained, built for safety, and challenging enough to be rewarding.

Thanks & Great Work – this experience is something I won’t forget!

— Steven Keller
Verizon Wireless
District Sales Manager


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for unforgettable team experience we shared with you, the entire team was impressed and effected by the experience.

— Kelly May
Verizon Wireless
Indirect Account Manager Central/Eastern WA & Eastern OR


It was an AWESOME experience, The best team builder that we have ever done. I would recommend this to anyone that would like to bring their team closer together.

— Vickie Johnston
Verizon Wireless


Hi Will,

Here are a couple comments I have about our experience:

“An excellent team building experience, well worth the time and money”

“A great experience in personal development and team building”

Thanks again,

— John Breneman
Coach of U13 Boys Sabers
Whitworth University
Financial Aid Specialist


Thank You Will and Adventure Dynamics for hosting a meaningful and memorable birthday event for my 12 year old son and his buddies. We all had a great time, and the comment we heard from the kids was: “Best birthday party ever!”

Thanks again for letting us come out early this year.

— Carrie Lipe
Spokane, WA


Hello Will,

Thank you so much for creating such a fun, challenging, and positive evening for our group. I was very happy to see Teona engage with others and overcome her self-perceived limitations in order to complete the activities. I loved being able to tell her how proud I was of her. For myself it was one of the most fun few hours I’ve spent since Anakin was born. I love spending time with him, of course, but before I became pregnant I was very physically active and strong. Due to preterm labor I had to be on bedrest for the last 3 months of the pregnancy and lost a lot of strength. It is taking some time to regain strength and fitness in order to feel like “my old self” again.

When I first saw the “wall” we were supposed to climb I was not sure if either of us was strong enough to make it, even though internally I was determined not to quit. Being given the opportunity to test my post-pregnancy self in this way was a tremendous gift, it made me feel so good about myself! My husband was jealous when I told him how much fun we had – I would love to schedule some type of event with him and some friends at Adventure Dynamics some time, I know he would love it.

By the way, Anakin had a great time with my friends, apparently he played the entire time and did not cry once!

Thank you again for an incredible experience!

— Arin Holecek


“The experience my squad recieved at Adventure Dynamics was a very positive one, and let the girls come together in a different way than they do at practice. The team building and team concepts they learned are all the things I try to teach them as a coach…….just in one day! We loved it!”

Thank you Will! Great start to our year!

— Sarah Bunney
Shadle Park Cheerleading Coach
WSCCA Region Representative
WSCCA Stunt Certifier

Hi Will,

Again thanks for your generosity in allowing BBBS to experience this GREAT BONDING adventure! It was so much fun for Nezire and me, and when we went out for dinner afterwards we couldn’t stop “unpacking” the wonderful experience we had. This was the perfect tool to bridge the age gap of 52 years between us , giving us a new closeness and a common feeling of accomplishment and pride in each other.

We also really enjoyed the positive experience of working with everyone as a team and encouraging each other. It brought out the best in all of us, and promoted unity and harmony among a very diverse group of people. What great dynamics to witness!

Thanks, Will, for an AWESOME adventure. Nezire is already planning a full day at Adventure Dynamics! :>))

Yours is a generous Spirit…ours are grateful hearts!!

— Barbara Beatty and Nezire Ramushi

First, Will was outstanding. His engagement level, patience, and willingness to hear our feedback throughout the day made my experience as a participant very enjoyable. I really liked the ice breaker exercises at the beginning of the day… warming us up to the idea and methodology behind working together as a team was a great start. The course itself was excellent; well maintained, built for safety, and challenging enough to be rewarding.

Thanks & great work – this experience is something I won’t forget.

— Steven Keller
Verizon Wireless
District Sales Manager, Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho


“Though the weather may not have co-operated, our day at Adventure Dynamics was exactly what our student leadership team needed! They left the course excited to see what God would do through them, having realized more fully the potential He had given them as a team of individuals working toward a common purpose!”

— James Leman
Associate Pastor
First Free Methodist Church, Spokane


“Our group of Bigs (adult mentors) and Littles (child mentees) recently had the opportunity to spend an evening with Will Parks. The care and consideration he showed in selecting the challenges, the directions given and discussions following each challenge were well received by everyone present. The thrill of the high challenges along with experiencing the success of working together, Big/Little or as a group, to reach a goal made for an exciting evening. Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to continue this relationship so that more children in our program will have the benefit of working with Will and Adventure Dynamics.”

— Susan Bierig
Activity Coordinator
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest


“I have used Adventure Dynamics as a team building activity for my AmeriCorps teams in the last two years. The experience not only gives members a new sense of confidence, but is a great way for people to get to know each other, especially when new people join the team.

— Bill Skaer
Ready*Corps VISTA Specialist and
Community Mentoring Programs Liaison


“Will Parks and Adventure Dynamics has made a postive and lasting impression on myself and my family that will last our entire lives. Will’s ability to positvely motivate and lead us through his challenging course is quite remarkable. I have seen a dramatic rise in my son’s confidence and maturity levels that is impossible to measure. The lesson of “our minds are stronger than our feelings” is one that goes way beyond any physical activity. I will continue to make the investment in myself and my family by continuing to bring my family to Adventure Dynamics to take part in the daring challenge course. I would highly recommend Adventure Dynamics to any family or group. Will’s program will improve or strengthen anyone’s self image, teach valuable life lessons, and bring families closer together.

— Kevin Osterman


“As always, it is great to come out to adventure dynamics. We have continued your suggestion of using the “respected/appreciated/admired” time to focus on the positives of our team experiences. Recently, we just finished 2nd in the finals of the JV tournament. It was a great weekend and the team is coming together. Thanks for all your help.

— Rebecca Wood
Girls Volleyball Coach
Gonzaga Preparatory School


“Adventure Dynamics has been an important part of our teamwork building and leadership training for our Loaned Executive program for many years. It is great to be in this wonderful setting outside of the office or a conference facility. Adventure Dynamics’ program is a beneficial aid that helps us to quickly bring a diverse group together into a cohesive team.”

— Ron Wasson
Resource Development Manager
Spokane County United Way


“I am a mom of seven and I met Will six years ago when my Tiger Den visited Will and Adventure Dynamics for the first time. Over the years we have gone back with our scouts on numerous occasions. Will has always graciously volunteered his time and energy to teach our Scouts young and old teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, attitude, and self confidence.

Adventure Dynamics follows the name! Each and every visit with Will has been a unique combination of low cope and sometimes high cope skills. Every visit leaves each and every attendee with a deep sense of self accomplishment. We may not be able to complete a challenge but we all have the confidence that we gave it our best shot and the end result is that we tried it! The learning is in the attempt!

I watched my oldest son on Will’s course several years ago struggle with the high challenges. This year he visited Will again. My son is older and stronger. Michael has now tried some of the events that he struggled to complete a couple of years ago. The end result was Mike’s ability to say he did it and to know that he can look at a challenge and try it because nothing is impossible! This is a life skill! My son can look at life and know if he puts his heart and strength into it he will succeed. Will touches people at the core with the exercises he teaches in his program. His program helps to change lives and build confidence. How many of us can look at life in the jobs we have chosen and know that the experiences we teach are enriching and enhancing the lives of others? God Bless you!

— Sevone McGinnis
BSA Pack #171 Trainer
BSA Crew #155 Chair
BSA Roundtable Commissioner
BSA Pow Wow Chair 2008


“Adventure Dynamics did a wonderful job at our office picnic. There was a mix of young children, teenagers and adults and they created fun activies that everyone could particpate in. Our goal was to bring a team building element into our picnic and they did just that! I would highly recommend Adventure Dynamics for your next company function.”

— Leslie White, Marketing Manager
Coffman Engineers


“Just a quick note to say thank you for putting on an excellent day of teambuilding! I know our crew really enjoyed themselves while learning some valuable tools to building better team dynamics. I learned a few things about myself and a lot more about some of our staff. I also wanted to personally thank you for the T-shirt; I will wear it with pride. I will be recommending your services to friends and family; I know they will enjoy it as much as I did.”

— Jeff Oka, CPA | Owner / Member of the Firm
Ribail, Stauffer & Associates PLLC

“The Adventure Dynamics program was perfect for my staff. The teamwork exercises opened our co-workers up to communication which increased our production and overall attitude, enhancing office morale and cooperation.”

— Dr. Jeff Hood, Evergreen Cosmetic and Family Dentistry


“The purpose of this message is to strongly endorse Mr. Will Parks and Adventure Dynamics. As a citizen of this community for seven years and as an Army officer for over twenty years of active service and one who has developed leaders of competence and character for the US Army officer corps while serving in the Departments of Military Science at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga University since 1996, I wish to clearly state that Mr. Parks has provided an invaluable service to Spokane, the Nation, and the future Army officers and the soldiers that they are presently leading and will continue to lead in the future around the globe.

During the past seven years I have been with many groups that have conducted challenging and fun training and leadership development at Adventure Dynamics. In every case, we always exceeded expectations. My firm belief is that this is due to the professional guidance, expert instruction, and innovative leadership of Mr. Parks.”

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Alan D. Westfield
Gonzaga University

“I just want to take a minute to thank you for the Spokane Chiefs’ opportunity at Adventure Dynamics.

We have a long season and it is very beneficial to get time away from the everyday grind of our routine for a different experience. Adventure Dynamics gave our athletes the chance to develop different skills and confidence through the challenges we faced. It was a great team builder and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Tim Speltz
General Manager
Spokane Chiefs

“I was impressed at the organization and dedication of the Adventure Dynamics staff from the moment we arrived until we departed. Our group appreciated the time allotted at the end of the day for wrap-up, presentation of the certificates, and reflection. We continued time of reflection and positive affirmation after we left by incorporating an activity into our summer school program. Each student wrote something they respect, appreciate, and admire about someone else in the program and we created a poster board with the messages to display at our Summer School Banquet. It was a hit!

Pat Palmerton
College Bound Program
Big Bend Community College

“I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to have our group experience Adventure Dynamics!

Your program it is something I have heard kids talk about in the school system. They have always raved about “how cool” it is! And how much fun they had while getting to know other kids. It made me always want to participate in your program.

Your generous donation of the time at the facility allowed that to happen. It also made possible some great team building with our staff and volunteers! Thanks so much!!!

Leslie Woodfill
Wish Manager
Make-A-Wish Foundation

“My name is Jill Gilson. I am a seventh grade teacher at Cheney Middle School in Cheney, Washington. I currently teach on a two-person core. I teach Language Arts and World Geography, while my teaching partner, Tammie Schrader, teaches Math and Science. Together we share 54 students. I just wanted to let you know, that this field trip was THE BEST field trip I have ever experienced. I trully appreciate all the work and effort that went into making it possible for us to attend.

Jill Gilson
Cheney Middle School

“At our Adventure Dynamics program, I saw our staff work together like they had never done before. If they can take what they learned that day and apply it to their working environment, the Settlement wouldn’t know what hit it! Both the staff and the children would trouly be amazed.

James Leman – Activities Director
Hutton Settlement Children’s Home

“To see students who from the outside are not well rounded but to watch and listen to the potential each has is what learning is all about.

John Griffiths
Barker High School
Central Valley School District

“I would like to express how much my team and I appreciate your assistance with the Adventure Dynamics course. Your donation allowed us to take part in the course by reducing the cost from $875.00 to $675.00. We were able to send 50 recruits and 6 Marines through the course, which gave them a small taste of the challenges and leadership that will be required of them in recruit training. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at (509) 353-4606 or kenneyjp@mcrc.usmc.mil. Once again thank you for your support.

John P. Kenney


“I knew the power of what we were going to do, based on my past three experiences with Adventure Dynamics. After the first few hours, enthusiasm and inspiration took over – as I realized how this would help me in working with both stores as a manager and leader… Besides that, (three were) a number of inspiring examples of people conquering their fears, looking outside themselves for ideas, and a huge outpouring of support from team members.”

Chris Marr
Leader/Manager of Foothills Lincoln Mercury Mazda and Honda Acura of Spokane
Chairman of the 2002 & 2003 Chamber of Commerce

“One of the challenges to the teens in the Shadle Park Peer Mediation program is to ‘step out of our comfort zone.’ At Adventure Dynamics, our students have a host of activities that encourage us to take risks, reach out, and connect. The team-building activities are an important ‘real-life’ opportunity to problem-solove work cooperatively, and celebrate successes. The high challenges offer each student and staff member a chance to face their fears, trust others, and reach their personal goal. We always look forward to our day at Adventure Dynamics! Thanks to Will and his superb staff for providing this exciting ‘adventure’ for us at Shadle!”

Cindy McMahon
Teacher/Peer Mediation Facilitator
Shadle Park High School

“I hope that as our Orientation Leaders and the new students who attended Eagle Olympics are involved in other leadership roles, they will utilize Adventure Dynamics. And as we look more closely at ways to improve Orientation next year we will certainly keep in mind ways to incorporate your organization.”

Dale Turner
Director of First Year Experience Programs
Eastern Washington University

“Will, you did a great job again this year. We especially felt that the team building activities were geared to this year’s team of AE’s where everyone was able to participate. We liked how you integrated United Way into the activities and challenges. Thank you for the variety o fteam building opportunities and activities that you offered.

Thank you again for your generous contribution. The challenge course is an important part of our Account Executive training and something that we look forward to using every year.”

Donna J. Halvorson
Resource Development
United Way of Spokane County

“Years after completing their studies, managers still tell me that their day with Adventure Dynamics was one of the most memorable and significant experiences of their careers and lives. This is a great testimonial to the power and value of Will’s program.”

M. Chris Paxson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
College of Business and Economics
P.O. Box 64750
Todd 570C
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-4750

“Therapeutic games, team building exercises, and ropes course elements enable our residents to communicate more effectively and trust each other. While having loads of fun, they start to understand that they can overcome obstacles in their lives with hard work and support from others. Witnessing our teens confront their fears and process their feelings on the spot with a skilled facilitator is truly motivational.”

Trisha Winchester
Tyler Ranch Therapist

“Adventure Dynamics is an absolutely superb leadership training and team building program with worldclass outdoor facilities, instruction, and challenge events that are scalable and tailorable to our specific military science leader development needs. Mr. Will Park’s program promotes Army team building, and leadership ‘on-the-spot’ critical thinking and decision making skills development in a realistic time-constrained environment. Our Military Science Leader training program would be incomplete without the invaluable experience that our cadets gain from the type’s of hands-on professional development practical exercise opportunities made available through Adventure Dynamics.”

Major Leaf Rich
Battalion Executive Officer
EWU Army ROTC Fighting Eagle Battalion

“Our experience with Adventure Dynamics was great. Not only it was fun, but it was a great team and morale builder. Many of us were amazed by what our teammates were able to accomplish.”

Dave Miller
Manager Commercial Industrial Sales
Avista Utilities

“How would I describe Adventure Dynamics?

  • A Challenging joy ride stretching you beyond the limits you set for yourself.
  • An experience in which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results together in a safe and fun way.
  • One of the most anticipated team building events of the year for our Eastern Washington Managers.”

Todd Madlener
Regional Operations Director
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“Our experience at Adventure Dynamics was phenomenal. The students and the teachers left with “I can” and “When we win, I win” attit udes. Success was pulsing through our veins on the bus ride home!

As teachers, we truly appreciate the obvious efforts to make the fun activities a learning experience as well. Making the connection between these activities and school-life experience was a vital part of our day at Adventure Dynamics.”

In the words of sixth graders, “Adventure Dynamics Rocks!”

Thanks, Will, Dee, and Eric!

Sunrise Sixth Grade Teachers and Students

“Will provides an unique experience in leadership for all levels of your team. He provides both intrapersonal and interpersonal insights to leadership qualities. For myself, he opened my eyes to leadership potentials of individual team members. The experience was so powerful that even one of our team members who was skeptical of the program benefits was energized by the experience. This was such a positive experience for the team that it has become an annual event.”

Dr. Blake McKinkey Jr.
Spokane Endodonics


“Thank you so much for having our new soldiers and potential applicants at your facility. The team-building aspect and leadershipchallenges were a great insight for our new soldiers. This really gave them a taste of what the Army is going to expect of them. You and your staff provided excellent opportunities for them to develop and impliment their own ideas for thedifferent challenges. It also gave us, as leaders, an opportunity to “step out of the box” and let the new soldiers develop leadership skills on their own and gave us a chance to have some fun!

Again, I do appriciate the opportunities and professionalism you and your staff have afforded us.”

SFC Paul Hoffine
Station Commander

This was one of the most unique dates I’ve been on with my husband! We had a blast. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Loved the layout and the night I felt that each segment was a good mix of team building and relational challenges. Perfect for a wide range of abilities. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for something fun and new to do with their significant other. I really wish there were more things like this out there!

Kellie B

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