Zipline Adventure Deal

We Love Groupon and Our Groupon Customers!

What a great year of Adventures with all our valued clients.

If you can’t use your Groupon this year, keep it for next year for the purchase value.

IMPORTANT: Groupon customers, When it asks you for a “Discount/Gift card code:” You should enter any one of your “Groupon Redemption Codes” in the box to show that you have already paid. This is an 8 digit number or letters right under the bar-code on any of your vouchers. (Leave out the dash)  Also, if using Groupon codes you will need to check out one at a time for each of your coupon codes.
No matter how much we would appreciate the tip, we don’t want you to pay twice.

If you are using a MOBILE device, you might want to try this link to make your reservations.

*24-hour cancellation notice required by Email or fee up to the price of your reservation may apply.

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