Zipline Adventure Deal

We Love Groupon and Our Groupon Customers!

What a great year of Adventures with all our valued clients.

If you can’t use your Groupon this year, keep it for next year for the purchase value.

IMPORTANT: Groupon customers, When it asks you for a “Discount/Gift card code:” You should enter any one of your “Groupon Redemption Codes” in the box to show that you have already paid. This is an 8 digit number or letters right under the bar-code on any of your vouchers. (Leave out the dash)  Also, if using Groupon codes you will need to check out one at a time for each of your coupon codes.
No matter how much we would appreciate the tip, we don’t want you to pay twice.

The 2018 Season registration system will be available Aprli 1st

If you are using a MOBILE device, you might want to try this link to make your reservations.

*24-hour cancellation notice required by Email or fee up to the price of your reservation may apply.

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