Team Building Group Reservations

We have lots of different programs and events, but seeing a team change and grow from one of our adventures is our favorite.

It coincides perfectly with our mission of:

“Encouraging growth and changing lives through challenging fun and adventure.”

We can work with any type of group imaginable, but most of our team building groups fall into one of the following categories:

  • Business Groups and Corporate Teams
  • Youth & Adult Sports Teams
  • School Groups and Classes
  • Families & Family Reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Religious groups (youth, mens, womens etc…)
  • Therapy and Addiction Recovery
  • Portable off-site groups

Just about any group you can think of is welcome.

Group Size Limits:

Minimum is 10 people (you can bring less, but you will have to pay for 10 and fewer than 7 may limit some of the events you can do)

Maximum at the course is 50, though we can accommodate up to 100 if we split the group and have half 1.5 miles away at a park doing team building then switch at lunch. But it is better to bring 50 each day for 2 days.

Age Limits:

Our minimum age is around 7 or 8 years old. For safety, children need to fit into our harnesses properly. (roughly 46″ tall minimum)

Maximum age depends on health and fitness, our staff are CPR and first aid trained, but we don’t like to use it. Make sure to view our photo albums to get an idea of what is included.

Weight Limits:

Industry standard weight limit is 275 pounds maximum. Again as a safety issue, you need to be able to properly wear our harnesses.

Also the Giant swing is recommended 200 pounds or less, not for safety, but comfort.

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