Corporate Team Building

“Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line. It can also be adventurous and enjoyable if you do it with a little pizzazz.” Brian Scudamore, Forbes Contributor

Adventure Dynamics is all about bringing Pizzazz to your on-going team building strategy. We would love to custom fit a program for you with the perfect balance of problem solving games, low team challenges and optional high adrenaline filled events. (See the Packages below)

Our Slogan: “There is no growth inside your comfort zone” applies to individuals and teams. Our experiential education programs encourage growth and strengthens teamwork skills so you can:

  • Improve Group Productivity
  • Boost Effective Communication
  • Promote Team Collaboration
  • Streamline Problem Solving
  • Encourage Creativity an Innovation
  • Increase Team Motivation
  • And Unify Your Team
  • Have Fun

Throughout the program your team will be taught and encouraged to take the lessons gleaned from each activity and apply them to the challenges they face in the workplace and in life.

Call us to custom fit a program for you or choose from one of the three packages below.

Portable Programs (we come to you)

We do several portable programs each year. We love bringing our activities and challenges to you. We can set up a 1 – 3 hour program in a conference room for smaller teams, or we can meet at a city park or rent a hotel conference room for larger groups. We love building solutions!

We also have custom portable events:

  • Amazing Race team building events for larger groups
  • Escape room style events

Pricing is based per person depending on time.

The Adrenaline Package

For business groups and teams that just want something fun to do together. Packed with fun and challenging high adrenaline activities. A super way to bond as a team.

Usually 3 or 4 hours, and with 1/3 team challenges and 2/3 high ropes course fun and adventure!

3 – Hours = $39 per person minimum 10.
4 – Hours = $49 per person minimum 10.

Call for details, we have discounts for companies with several teams.

Tipping Point Package

For businesses that want to take their teams to the next level. Successful businesses understand that a highly functional team is the tipping point between stagnation and continued growth and success.

  • 2 hours of low team building activities and challenges
  • Catered dinner from Longhorn BBQ*
  • 1 or 2 adrenaline high events to wrap it up.

4 – Hour program is usually an evening event from 5-9pm depending on daylight.

Price is $65 per person, minimum 10

Metamorphosis Package

3 – 6 hours of intense team building programming, You will see your team form into a well oiled machine where we will have a harder and harder time challenging you. It is exciting.

This program usually has no high events included, because the team is there to experience real growth as a team.

Each program is custom fit for what you are hoping to accomplish.

Call for details and pricing 509-873-TEAM


“Our day at Adventure Dynamics was a day to remember… Adventure Dynamics helps you push yourself beyond limiting beliefs… A real “You can do it” mindset. We recommend this life changing day to everyone… Enjoy… We know you will!!!” Sue Weishaar DDS

“This was a great experience for our small work team. Adventure Dynamics was able to help us put into action and words the areas we have challenges in. We will be a stronger and more cohesive team because of it. Thank you!” Kathy Mellstrom – Ambassador Leaders

I just wanted to say thank you again for our team building event today. You did a fantastic job facilitating it and the team really enjoyed it. I personally really appreciated the insights that you helped bring out for the team and how you let the team to come to our own conclusions. Sometimes taking a minute to reflect on what’s happening is all it takes to help us course correct… Well done and much appreciated!
Natasha Porter – Ambassador Leaders

“I work at a drug and alcohol treatment center and we take our residents here. We always learn so much about each other and themselves.
Jared is great at working with our residents and helping them build their confidence. They learn how to trust themselves and others. They are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone to see what they are truly capable of. Adventure Dynamics is absolutely amazing, i would recommend it to anyone and everyone.” Felisha Johnson – Pioneer East

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