About Us

What is Adventure Dynamics

Adventure Dynamics is the perfect combination of high ropes course with aerial adventure park and low team challenges designed to build leadership and teamwork. We have been building teams and guiding adventures for over 30 years.

It’s the Inland Northwest’s original, outdoor adventure experience that fosters the development and understanding of three important human skills: commitment, self-confidence and teamwork. It is also a constructive forum where groups and individuals share in the exhilaration of building stronger teams and enhancing friendships. An invitation to leap forward and grow, both personally and professionally.

Here is a place where co-workers, family, and friends can learn more about themselves and each other. A place to learn, share, leap, swing, and trust. Last, but not least, Adventure Dynamics is fun! It is a chance to shed the tie, the school books, the worries of the day…and let your spirit soar!!!

What can be gained..?

Each task in an Adventure Dynamic challenge course presents a new set of problems. Some require snap decisions. Others call for extensive cooperation and planning. Although perfectly safe, some challenges can seem formidable… providing a great sense of achievement for those who rise to the occasion. And some tasks seem nearly impossible, yielding an even stronger lesson in cooperation and trust.

Group discussions, led by an experienced Adventure Dynamics instructor, can be a source of enlightening discoveries. Supervisors and employees, teachers and students, parents and children, are each provided an opportunity to listen and be listened to. And new lines of communication are opened.

Teamwork is defined and established. Cooperative learning and interdependence are fostered. And everyone leaves secure in the knowledge that, “If we win, I win!”

The challenge course also emphasizes individual growth. At Adventure Dynamics, we never get tired of seeing people meet uncertainty head-on, conquer their inherent fear…and attempt something formerly unimaginable. After a quick sigh of relief, a realization strikes: “If I can do this, I can do anything!” And they do!

Who could benefit from Adventure-based learning?

Adventure Dynamics features programs especially designed to meet the specific needs of any given group.

People of all ages, shapes and sizes have successfully completed the Adventure Dynamics program. Special athletic ability is not required. You need only bring a willingness to participate on your own level.

Thanks to Adventure Dynamics, families are growing closer. Companies are growing stronger. People are renewing commitments to themselves and to others.

The Adventure Dynamics staff has over 40 years of combined outdoor and personal development experience. All our staff have been professionally trained to give you both the best experience possible and for program safety and consistency.

Standards and Safety

The Adventure Dynamics challenge course has been constructed to the highest standards of safety and programming to facilitate human growth and development.

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